21 Vibram FiveFingers Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Vibram FiveFingers FAQs

21 Vibram FiveFingers Most Frequently Asked Questions

Vibram FiveFingers come in a huge variety of styles, so we understand it can feel pretty daunting having to pick the ones that’ll serve you best! To help point you in the right direction, we’ve put together this handy list of common Questions and Answers. Have a look through these to see if we’ve provided a helpful answer to your concerns:

1. How Should Vibram FiveFingers Fit?

The ideal FiveFingers fit allows your toes to wiggle and extend freely without being cramped or slipping out of any pockets. With normal shoes, you might be in the habit of leaving a little gap at the end of your toes, usually known as “wiggle room”. With Vibram FiveFingers, this extra room should be avoided.

2. My toes touch the ends of the toe pockets, is this normal?

This is fine as long as each toe is perfectly comfortable, able to extend and move fully. The fit is usually at its best when your toes lightly “graze” the front of each pocket. If there’s any discomfort at all, the fit isn’t right and you need to try a different size or model.

3. How can I tell if my Vibrams are too small?

This can be tricky because you need to ensure they’re the right fit before you actually use them in any form of intense activity. Feetus.co.uk recommends a simple test (this should be done indoors). Follow these steps to complete the test:

  • Put your Vibrams on and fasten them up. Wiggle your toes. How do they feel? Each should be free to move and extend completely as if you weren’t wearing anything.  
  • Jump up and down on the spot, landing on your forefoot. How do they feel? You should feel a sense of added grip but also be free of pinching of any kind.
  • Do some lunges with both your left and right legs. How do your toes and heels feel inside the Vibrams? They should feel like they’re in a very comfortable and snug fit.  

If you have to scrunch your toes up to compensate for a lack of grip, they could be too loose. If your heels feel like they’re slipping when you move, this can also be a common sign that they aren’t quite tight enough. Give them a slight tighten and see if there’s any improvement. If they still feel roughly the same at max fastening, you might want to try a smaller size.

Your toes should not feel compressed or restricted. If you think they are, you should try a slightly larger size.

4. My smallest toe does not fit in the toe pocket, is this a problem?

Comfort is the best indicator of a good fit! If the rest of your toes are comfortable and you can perform every movement without having to scrunch your toes to make up for a lack or grip, then you’re good to go!

5. I’m a man—can I wear women’s sizes in Vibram Fivefingers? (Or, I’m a woman—can I wear men’s sizes?)

Yes, you sure can! The most important thing is that you find a pair of Vibrams that fits you as comfortable as possible. The only difference between male and female Vibram FiveFingers is that male “lasts” (shoe forms) are slightly wider and longer than the female ones. So there’s nothing at all wrong with opting for any model that fits your size more perfectly.

If your foot is smaller than the smallest male size, we certainly recommend trying on the female size that matches your foot measurement in inches. In a lot of cases, this works perfectly!

The same goes the other way. If you’re a woman and the largest female size is too small for you, throw on the next size up in men. Our size guide shows all the sizes with the measurements in inches and cm. So you can have a look through and find the best match for your exact foot length.

6. How do I ensure I get the right size?

Start by measuring your foot length in cm. To do this follow these steps:

  • Place your heel against a wall with your foot flat on the ground.
  • Use a ruler or tape measure to take the longest measurement (this is usually from the back of your heel to the end of your big toe or second toe).

Once you have the measurement of your foot, you can find the right model from our size chart.

For example, a male with a foot measurement of 26.4cm foot would require a size 42 (which is a UK size 8).

7. When is it best to wear Vibram FiveFingers?

Anytime you want to feel as much freedom as possible, while outdoors or doing things that you’d usually require conventional shoes for. That said, because of their comfort and flexibility, Vibram FiveFingers also make great slippers and indoor wear for things like the gym or exercise classes.

8. Are Vibram FiveFingers vegan?

Yes they are! No animals are harmed in the making of any Vibram FiveFinger designs. Wear them with pride!

9. Are Vibram FiveFingers worth it?

If you love the freedom and agility that comes from barefoot but want the protection and resilience that comes from wearing footwear with a sole, then yes they certainly are!

10. Are Vibram FiveFingers good for your feet?

Nothing’s more healthy for your feet than having the freedom to move and fully extend without restriction like you would if you were barefoot. With that in mind, Vibram FiveFingers are the closest you can get to wearing nothing at all while doing all the things you love, like running, hiking and sports.   

11. Are Vibram FiveFingers still popular?

They’re actually more popular than they’ve ever been before! More and more people are becoming increasingly active. Vibrams FiveFingers allow you to pursue all the activities you enjoy with greater control and freedom than any conventional trainer can offer. So as you can imagine, once you’ve tried them, you’ll never wanna go back!

12. Are Vibram FiveFingers safe for running?

There’s a wide range of Vibram FiveFingers on offer. Some are more suitable for running than others. If you plan on using your FiveFingers for a lot of heavy duty activities, it’s best to go with designs that offer stronger padding, more grip and greater protection from wear and tear.

13. Are Vibram FiveFingers good for hiking?

Absolutely! There’s nothing more satisfying than walking through acres of glorious wilderness with the light and natural feel that comes from Vibram FiveFingers. Remember, there are a range of designs to choose from and some will be better for harsher terrains than others. Aim for models with stronger protection from the rough ground if you aim to hike in them frequently.  

14. Are Vibram FiveFingers good for flat feet?

They can be if you select the right size that fits you perfectly. The idea with Vibram FiveFingers is to provide you with a feel and comfort level that is as close as possible to barefoot. In most cases this makes them more comfortable than conventional trainers for almost all shapes and sizes. Nothing beats trying them on and seeing what you think!  

15. Are Vibram FiveFingers good for Crossfit?

In all the most important ways, they are perfect for CrossFit and other gym workouts. The freedom you get with Vibram FiveFingers will give you a new lease of life when it comes to any physical activity. You’ll feel less weighed down with far more of a spring in your step!

16. Are Vibram FiveFingers waterproof?

Some designs are more watertight than others. It’s best to check out the versions that are designed for aqua sports if you want the most waterproof performance.  

17. Are Vibram FiveFingers good for Plantar Fasciitis?

This really comes down to personal preference and the severity of your condition. In most cases, Vibram FiveFingers will feel like a vast improvement over standard footwear, as they allow your foot to follow a more natural motion as you walk.    

18. Are Vibram FiveFingers supposed to be tight?

They are never supposed to restrict any movement. They should fit with a snug feel, but none of your toes should be cramped or unable to extend freely. They should feel almost like you’re not wearing anything.

19. Are Vibram FiveFingers good?

Where normal trainers tend to have a flat sole that essentially restricts your foot to move as one solid block, Vibram FiveFingers give all your toes the ability to move individually, just as they would if you were barefoot. This freedom and comfort make them excellent for walking, running, training, and any activity that requires as much agility as possible!  

20. Where are Vibram FiveFingers made?

Since its birth, the Vibram FiveFingers range has grown drastically. Many of the designs are still made in the US, but other production facilities have been established in Brazil, China and Italy to make it easier to distribute them all over the world!

21. How long do Vibram FiveFingers last?

This will come down to how much you use them and what you put them through. If you need them for extreme sports or training, it’s best to aim for the models that have been designed for intense physical activity. This will give them the best chance of lasting as long as possible.

Want a pair just for walking or relaxing around the house? Then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to make the most free and mobile designs last for many years into the future!


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