Review of the 2018 Vibram Furoshiki Winter Boots

Now that winter is here, you probably also need a change of footwear to adapt to the colder weather. If that is the case, then you need to purchase a pair of winter boots made by Vibram Furoshiki. Their line of Furoshiki winter boots is some of the best that you can purchase. And for anyone that wants to have the best when it comes to cold-ready footwear, then look no further than Vibram. They make some of the best winter footwear around. You could wear their shoes during the fall and well into the winter months, and you are going to love every minute that you have got these shoes on. In this Furoshiki Winter Review of their boots, you can learn whether or not these are the right winter boots for your feet. So read on, if you would like to see what all the hype about Vibram winter footwear is about.

vibram winter boots review

What is the big deal about Vibram footwear Technology?

You may be wondering what is the big deal with Vibram soles anyway? Well, there are actually a lot of reasons why you have got to consider wearing these shoes. First of all, you need to know what Vibram is all about. Vibram is actually a relatively established company that specializes in manufacturing footwear for people with a more active lifestyle. They were founded in Italy way back in the 1930’s, and ever since then, they have developed shoes that are great for an outdoors situation. So if for example, you go out hiking a lot or if you expend a lot of time outdoors, then they have got the perfect shoes for you.

What makes their shoes so unique is that their shoes actually have a patented and one of a kind technology, the Vibram soles. These soles are designed to be much more superior to other soles out there. And the winter boots that this company produces also has got a special layer that you can wear. You need to slip on a wool overlay on your feet, this adds another layer of warmth and comfort to your foot.

Vibram winter shoes are also modeled after the Japanese furoshiki philosophy. This is an old Japanese art form that emphasizes layering something in order to protect it or to provide more comfort for it. Thus, that is why Vibram furoshiki boots are named like they are. It means that these boots provide the most warmth, due to the fact that it has got a lot of layers to it.

Benefits of wearing Vibram Shoes:

There are also a bunch of other benefits that you can get from wearing these boots. First of all, Vibram soles provide the most traction and grip. This is because they are made out of an eco-rubber, and not only that these boots also have got a specially designed pattern on the sole. This sole pattern means that the material of the boot bottom can also grip the most amount of surface when you are running or walking.

Another benefit that you can get when wearing these boots, is that you would be astounded at how comfortable they really are. When you first put your feet inside one of these boots, you would marvel at how sumptuously soft it feels. You could keep on wearing these boots throughout the whole day, and you would not feel it pinch your feet at all.

Qualities of these winter boots:

In this review of the Vibram Winter Furoshiki line, more about the qualities of the boots can be explored. If you are wondering what sort of great qualities each of these winter boots has, then you can keep on reading below. The next section will be an outline of all of the amazing qualities of the Furoshiki winter boot line.

The material of these shoes:

The main material that these boots are made out of is Vibram’s EcoStep rubber. It is a special kind of rubber compound that provides both strength and flexibility. Not only are the rubber soles of Furoshiki Boots really comfortable, they are also really durable. So you would not have to worry about the material of these boots breaking apart after only a short amount of use. This use of this EcoStep Rubber material also means that the material of your shoe is waterproof. You would not have to worry about water from melted snow or rain seeping through the bottom of the Furoshiki winter boots.

The lining around the boot is also made out of EcoStep Rubber. This means that the overall durability of the winter boot is also raised. You can rest assured that you will be able to wear these boots for years to come, because of the sturdy rubber material that it is made out of.

A lot of the other materials that these boots are made out of include: Eco Suede and Eco Fur Lining, which are unique to Vibram boots. For example, the Furoshiki Lapland Mid Boot is made out of a cotton upper lining and some Eco Fur as well. This material of the upper layer of the boot is not water-proof. But it is extremely soft. So when it comes to comfort the material of the upper portion of the boot is amazing.

The stylishness of Vibram boots:

One of the best things about Vibram winter boots is that they do not sacrifice style for functionality. These are perfectly wearable winter boots, they are practical yet still very wearable and stylish. For example, the Furoshiki Shearling winter boot is actually really stylish to look at. It has got a Faux fur trim at the ankles. And this fuzzy boot accessory pairs well with the suede material of the boot. And not only is this boot really nice to look at, it is also pretty lightweight, so you would hardly feel like you are wearing anything on your feet at all.

Another great style of these kinds of boots includes the Russian felt mid boot. This is a great winter boot because it features a more classic black design that has got a stretch felt material that is wrapped around the ankle of the boot. This means that the updated design from last year gets even more stylish and fashionable. And this boot can be worn with a lot of winter outfits that you have got planned.


Trendier and hipper design:

Vibram really took a step forward with their 2018 designs. They have updated all of their boot designs in order to capitalize on the fashion craze of slimmer and lighter looking shoes. All of the shoes that you can find within the 2018 Furoshiki line have become much slimmer in their profile. From the Easter traveler boot to the Shearling Mid boot, these boots all looking amazing with their hip new designs and styles.

They are using the newest design elements and introducing those new stylish elements as part of their 2018 line. You are not going to fall behind in trendiness if you choose to wear these winter boots. For example, the New Yorker Mid Boot looks like the latest in trendy urban footwear. And looking at it, you would not realize it is a winter boot because it really has got a slim profile.

Lots of models to choose from:

There are also a lot of new Furoshiki styles to choose from. If you prefer something a bit easier to pair with your other clothes, then you should choose the Russian Felt Mid boot. This is a black colored suede boot that has got a red felt ankle lining, which makes it really stand out.

Or if you are into more classic fall colors, you can choose to get the suede Shearling mid boot, which has got a softer brown tone to it. You could even choose to wear the Eastern Traveler boot because it has got a really stand out ankle lining color, paired with a solid gray color. Overall, there are a lot of boot colors to choose from, which means that whatever your color preferences, you can get a boot that you will absolutely love.

The overall comfort of Vibram shoes:

The overall comfort of these winter boots is determined by a lot of factors. Primarily those factors are the warmth and softness of these boots. Within this Furoshiki Winter Review of the shoes, you can learn about just how soft and warm these boots really are.

Enhanced warmth:

The extra layer of wool that you can slip on your feet is really great when it comes to keeping your feet warm. This wool covering traps heat efficiently, meaning that you would not have to worry about your toes getting cold because of some lost heat. You would not even feel the cold during the coldest of days if you ever wore these winter boots on your feet. And in addition to that, the warmth extends all the way from your toes to your ankles. Since these mid-high boots extend to that part of your foot as well. And the ankle covering of these boots also has an extra Eco Faux Fur lining, which also keeps the rest of your feet warm. Your toes to your ankles, your feet will be completely be ensconced in a warm layer. And you will hardly ever feel the bitter cold. If you are going outdoors a lot or doing a lot of walking out in the cold, then you need to get these boots. They are perfect for walking for long periods of time on the cold hard pavement out in urban settings. You could even do a bit of light hiking outdoors if you choose to wear this particular brand of boots since the EcoRubber Soles are extremely durable and provide the ample comfort.

When it comes to winter boots, they have got to be warm to wear. And you will be glad to know that Vibram winter shoes for their 2018 line pass this test with flying colors. Other kinds of winter boots are sorely lacking in comfort and warmth, but you would not find the Vibram winter boots lacking in either of those departments at all.

Increased softness:

The method of Furoshiki states that art must be packaged carefully. And Vibram really went in that direction when they developed their winter footwear for 2018. To put on a pair of these winter boots, you have got to slip on a wool sock liner that you wear over your feet. And inside the shoe itself there is some felt and cotton lining that further increase the softness. Putting these winter boots on, you will swear that it is the softest pair of shoes that you have ever worn. This means that you would not have to worry about “breaking in” these shoes since they are immediately soft when you wear them.

The softness of these shoes really also influence their comfort. Because Vibram Winter Furoshiki boots are so soft, you would not have to worry about any discomfort from extended periods of time wearing them. If you wore uncomfortable and hard shoes for long periods of time, it could be painful and actually affect your physical health. In order to prevent pain in your feet and other health issues, you have got to wear these Furoshiki winter shoes made by Vibram. You are definitely going to find these the comfiest winter footwear around.


Are you looking to shop for a new pair of winter boots? If that is the case, then it may be a good idea to choose to buy some Furoshiki Boots this winter season. Not only are your feet going to be wrapped up in some of the comfiest winter footwear, you could also be wearing some of the most stylish boots around. So what are you waiting for? Furoshiki winter footwear made by Vibram is available for purchase online. And now that it is so close to the advent of winter, you have got to be prepared.

There are a lot of good deals on winter boots online, so you should not miss the opportunity to snag some of the best winter boots that your money can buy!

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