The A-Z Of Vibram Five Fingers Designs And What Each Is Best For

Picking the right pair of Vibram Five Fingers is essential if you want to get the best out of them. The range is wide and first time wearers especially may feel overwhelmed with options, but once you find the right model, you’ll see that the hunt is totally worth it! In this post, we’ve compiled a handy guide that’ll introduce some of the most common designs and highlight the activities they’re best for.

If you’re still trying to work out which Five Finger is best for you, have a look through to see if any of these tick all your boxes! To make things easier, we’ve listed them in alphabetical order.

We’ll start with:


The VI-B

This beautifully crafted ladies’ shoe is built on Vibram’s Maxi-Feel sole. This minimalist ‘barefoot’ design is great for indoor training and travel. If you’re looking for a pure lightweight and flexible feel, these are certainly worth a try.  


The Bikila Evo features an Eva midsole making it a great first time option for those making the switch from normal running trainers to FiveFingers. This is an upgraded version of the hugely popular Bikila design. The added cushioning in the sole will be most appreciated by runners looking to cover long distances, as it helps to reduce fatigue and makes up for dips in form as you tire.   


The Bikila Evo WP is best suited to wet conditions. This version of the Bikila is fully waterproof with taped seams. If you plan to run, explore rainy environments or endure wet terrain, these will keep you dry as you things done. The Evo WP also has a ICETREK sole which is extremely durable as well offers great grip for snow and ice. These are the best Vibrams for attacking winter.


The EL-X features the thinnest Vibram sole to date. If you really want to feel the ground underneath you, these are the ones to look at. They’re great for the gym, treadmills, road running and indoor training. They don’t feature a normal fastening system. Instead the shoes slip on with a skin tight upper fabric that hugs your foot seamlessly. The laced version is called the KSO-Evo.

KMD Sport aka Komodo Sport

This is Vibram’s premium gym design. The KMD Sport features several elements that make it perfect for indoor training. The multidirectional sole pattern gives you unparalleled levels of grip on the spot which can prove vital during weight training. The upper fabric is reinforced giving the shoe far more resilience in an area that’s bound to see contact when doing various indoor exercises such as rope climbing or when your feet need to be strapped to certain machinery.


This model is built using the same sole as the EL-X. The KSO Evo is part of Vibrams Maxi Feel range. It features a very agile thin sole and is designed to give wearers greater feel over the terrain they travel. It’s great for road running, the gym, casual walking or indoor activities.

The Lontra

These are another water-resistant model that are perfectly suited to winter conditions. The top of this design incorporates a neoprene cuff to keep water from seeping through. With a high grip sole and slightly oversized body to compensate for sock layers, it’s well suited for training in cold climates, walking, hiking and messy obstacle events.


The MR in the title stands for mud runner, so you can guess what these are built for. Spyridon MR has been designed with the toughest muddy conditions in mind. If you need a barefoot shoe that can handle any harsh terrain, then this is one to take a closer look at. With a reinforced deep tread sole, you’ll feel more grip in these than any trainer you’ve ever worn.    

Trek Sport

The Trek Sport model is hugely popular for its stellar reliability. With Vibram’s Trek sole, these barefoot shoes offer a fine balance between minimalism and greater stability. They feature a hook and loop Velcro fastening system, and the upper fabric completely covers the foot ensuring max resistance to debris and moisture. Great for trails, hikes, obstacle courses and extreme outdoor sports.


The VI-B model is inspired by elegant ballet flats. They are built on the maxi-feel sole, with an ultra minimalist and nimble body providing great ground feel and agility helping you to prevail in any indoor training. Ideal for the gym or any sports class.

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The A-Z Of Vibram Five Fingers Designs And What Each Is Best For
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