February 12, 2018

Vibram Furoshiki Winter Boots (Wrap-Around Shoes)

For many years, we have seen countless footwear manufacturers try to master the art of the winter shoe. For the most part, they have been unsuccessful and it all comes down to the balance between weight and comfort. In order to keep feet warm, many manufacturers choose to go for a bulky design but then this causes comfort issues. For those who have comfort as a preference, there is often a lack of warmth. For many, the balance has been an impossible task.

However, could we now have a solution with the winter style? To get an answer to this question read our Vibram Furoshiki Boots Review!

If you have seen the regular Vibram Furoshiki model previously, you will be aware of what we mean by ‘wrap-around’ design. If you haven’t, it really is as it sounds in that you place your foot into the sole and then wrap the material around your feet to however tight you desire.

Since you have full control over the tightness of the shoe, you are in control of your comfort levels as well as the warmth that remains in the shoe which means that you can find the perfect balance we discussed previously.

Although the material isn’t completely waterproof, the outer material has been made for the winter weather. Since it is made from shearling wool, you will also benefit from the insulation for when the snow falls and the toes normally feel as though they want to fall off. Available in a number of different sizes, these Furoshiki Winter might just be the model you have been looking for years.

When reading about the design, the first question that many people ask is ‘what is meant by ‘furoshiki?’

Essentially, this is a Japanese word that originates from an old form of art where items would be packaged by wrapping them carefully in various pieces of material. As you can see, this is the same for the shoes except the item is your foot. After sliding your foot in much like a slipper, you simply pick up the material either side of the shoe and wrap it around your feet to wherever you want. When it feels both comfortable and warm, you can attach it to the Velcro and head off in the snow.

If you’re reading this thinking ‘this sounds amazing’, you would be absolutely right!

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